Top 5 tips for hiring in a competitive market 🎯


Top 5 tips for hiring in a competitive market 🎯

Posted on 06 October 2022

Demand for great engineers has never been higher and there aren’t too many more time and productivity draining activates than ineffective recruiting. The salt in the wound being that your prospective hires are joining competitors with similar offerings. How are they winning the hires you ask?

Here’s my top 5 insights on why these companies are winning the hiring battles in competitive markets.. ​

1.     They sell the role and company vision to candidates. Interviewing is a two-way street.

2.     They run an efficient process from CV submission to e-sign contract out. 2 weeks max.

3.     They get creative with working benefits that align with their brand.

4.     They have established relocation processes or remote / flex working

5.     They are ditching long tech tasks for deep dive conversations

Although it's our technical market focus, It's not just Golang skills that are in high demand, this is applicable for most tech skills in today's market. How you run a recruitment process and treat prospective candidates are a direct reflection of your brand and bad news travels fast in a close-knit industry. Make these adjustments and watch your reputation and hiring success rates sky rocket! 🚀

After exhausting your own networks it's time to partner with a specialised recruitment partner that offer solutions that directly address the biggest hiring challenges (scale, cost, quality).

For some practical winning hiring methods that expand on the five points above or to learn more on the new-age recruiting options available to you then feel free to book in a free consultation here:

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