Posted on 30 September 2021

​We're very excited to announce our next instalment in the Go naviro Golang eMeetup series with this months speaker Klaus Post 🇩🇰

We caught up with Klaus before his talk to find out a few thing's about him & you can register for his upcoming webinar below

​📝 Register here:https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_BRxl-PqERJWMHo1O92fQrQ


> How did you get into Go?

I stumbled upon Go when I needed to write a web app for a job a long time ago.

Having worked with C/C++ it was wonderful, natively UTF-8, no alloc/free, goroutines instead of threads. It seemed like a modern language built for modern challenges. Still does to be fair.

> Do you use Go at work?

Yes, I have been working with Go full time since 2014. I had some time off and joined a friend who had been toying with a startup idea for a while.

I ported his prototype to Go in 2 weeks and got him hooked on Go.

We worked on the MVP for about a year, learning much in the meantime before we decided the market we were about to enter wasn't interesting enough. It did give me good experience in using Go for real services and enough experience to begin Go consulting.

> Biggest achievements using Go?

Seeing complex systems come together after building parts for months is always a great feeling.
Having a clean vision of the end product and moving towards that is always a pleasure. Balancing complexity, usability and performance always feels like a big achievement, even if sometimes you miss the mark in one direction.

I have had plenty of those experiences and no single one stands out.

> Highlights of your speaking career?

Being able to speak in wonderful cities like Florence and St. Petersburg (Russia) is great, but sometimes the intimacy of speaking at our local Copenhagen Gopher Meetup is just as fun.

> What do you enjoy outside of the tech world?

I enjoy driving around Europe for concerts that suit my weird music taste. Got my first EV last year, so being able to travel without too much COVID/eco-guilt feels great.

> If you had a Superpower what would it be?

Be able to read my girlfriend's mind? I can see a lot of problems that need solving, but I can't imagine a single superpower to fix it. If you know a superpower that will make people treat each other better, let me know.

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