Posted on 22 May 2021

Ahead of our meet up we caught up with Maricris Bonzo from Magic to learn a little bit more about her. Here’s what she said….

How did you get into Go?

I was working at a start-up using Go and fell in love with it, it really inspired me to be a better programmer. I like to say I didn’t chose Go, Go chose me!

Tell us a bit more about yourself:

I'm a Developer Advocate (D🥑) at Magic by 🌞, and a Multi-Passionate Creative by 🌚.

I wear many hats as a D🥑 a few of them being:

·       I create helpful content such as sample apps and guides for developers.

·       I host Close-up Magic, a meetup series that brings developers closer to inspire and learn together.

·       I also give talks to spread Magic at meetups and conferences like the one I’m doing for you guys!

·       I am also building a community called Blockchain Ladies Club

Highlights of your speaking career?

I participated in a hackathon at a Dev Week and as the WINNERS were asked to present our submission which I really enjoyed the challenge of. We had to put it together really quickly but it went really well so I was happy with that!

I also recently spoke at the Live Coders International Women’s Day event where I spoke about my own coding journey and owning your power by taking care of yourself.

What do you enjoy outside of the tech world?

I’m passionate about staying in alignment with my happy self so I like to listen to spiritual teachings and do Corepower yoga. I also like to spend time at the beach with my 2 dogs (a shihpoo & maltipoo) and my tuxedo cat and YES before you ask cats do love the beach!

If you had a Superpower what would it be?

I’d create my own world with beautiful lush forests of bountiful fruit and candy trees


Register here for Maricris’s talk on ‘Securing a Go-Backed Scrappy Twitter API with Magic’ booked in for Thursday 2nd September at 6pm BST

Check out Maricris’s personal pages at Close-up Magic - a meet-up series that brings developers closer to inspire and learn together. And Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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