Posted on 19 May 2021

Ahead of our meet up we caught up with Storj Labs Egon Elbre to learn a little bit more about him. Here’s what he said….

How did you get into Go?

I heard about Go before Go 1.0 was released and started experimenting with it in my own time and using it for University projects. I found it so simple to use, it made me want to be a better coder – I even went on to write my Masters on it!

Do you use Go at work?

I started writing Go 12 years ago.

I've been using Go at work / production for ~8 years, but not full-time.

I've been using it full-time for ~3 years.

What was your background before that?

I was using mixture of languages before to broaden my horizons; I spent some time using Delphi but Go was for me. As I said it’s a simple language that forced me to want to write better

Biggest achievements using Go?

The tool I’ve created for exploring the dependencies you’ve developed – ‘Go Dependency Analyser’ check it out!

Highlights of your speaking career?

Gophercon Europe

What do you enjoy outside of the tech world?

I have lots of interests outside of the tech world. I really enjoy the arts namely swing and show dancing, playing the piano and composing choir music


Register here for Egon’s talk on ‘Production Ready Concurrency’ booked in for Thursday 19th August at 12pm BST

Check out Egon’s personal pages at https://twitter.com/egonelbre and https://egonelbre.com/ You can see his Go Dependency Analyser here http://github.com/loov/goda

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