Posted on 23 May 2021

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Ahead of the launch of the Go naviro Golang eMeetup Series Part II we caught up with Red Hat's very own Derek Parker.

Having spoke at previous Golang events including GopherCon, Derk is no stranger to sharing his expertise and we're very lucky to have him talk on Best practices on debugging in Go for the everyday Go developer and some more specific takeaways on how Delve can assist in debugging

Our event will of course include our GopherCard 🃏 game with prize giveaways 🏆 and a Question and Answer with Derek - listen to what Derek had to say ahead of the event 👇

How did you get into Go?

I started working with Go, I believe, sometime around 2013. I got drawn in by the awesome concurrency, as I think a lot of people did. At the time I happened to also be experimenting with a weird user space coroutine scheduler in C for fun, so I really got hooked on the idea of Goroutines and the Go runtime scheduler. During that time when I was first getting into Go I was writing Ruby professionally at an amazing company called Hashrocket. From there I started working on my own open source Go projects and contributing to others until I eventually started working on Delve, which has since become the defacto Go debugger.

Do you use Go at work?

I do! Not only do I get to use Go at work, but I also work on the Go language itself as part of my day-to-day responsibilities.

Biggest achievements using Go?

I would say that developing the Delve debugger is probably my biggest achievement in Go. It makes me so happy to hear that so many developers are using it and saying nice things about the project. The community around that project is great and the Go community in general is amazing!

I've also been very fortunate to work on a lot of other really cool software using Go such as Kubernetes. When I was at CoreOS I was able to contribute a lot to upstream kubernetes, help form the initial ideas around operators in kubernetes, as well as being one of the original engineers working on self-hosted kubernetes which allows for easier and more reliable updates to the cluster software.

Highlights of your speaking career?

I've had the good fortune to be able to speak at many amazing conferences all over the world. I would say my 2 main highlights would be:

1. The first time I ever spoke at Gophercon. I'll never forget this experience. The organizers and staff were all really amazing and made me feel comfortable speaking for the first time in front of a large audience.

2. The first time I spoke at Fosdem in Brussels, Belgium. I had never been to Europe before and having the opportunity to travel so far and speak was an honor and something I'll never forget.

What do you enjoy outside of the tech world?

So, I originally went to school to study Audio Engineering, not Software Engineering, so music in general is a huge passion of mine outside of the tech world. I love playing the drums, and I also enjoy playing guitar even though I'm absolutely terrible at it. Whenever I play guitar nowadays it's for my 6 month old who has no choice but to sit and listen, although I secretly think I may be providing the perfect inspiration for learning to crawl to escape, haha.

If you had a Superpower what would it be?

This is a great question and one I ponder often in case I ever find myself in some sort of radioactive sludge and walk away with some new power. Honestly, I think my top choice would be the ability to fly.

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