To Go or not to Go 🤷‍♂️


To Go or not to Go 🤷‍♂️

Posted on 13 March 2021

This is where thing's really get interesting, I mean it is the question on everybody's lips right..? Why Go, why did we choose Go as a specialism, why do engineering teams choose Go over others, why did you choose to work with Go? And of course, where the hell is it all Go-ing? Well sit tight and I'll try my hardest to enlighten everybody... but before I do I just want to address the whole Go or Golang, thang'. We at Go naviro understand that 'Go' is the actual name of the language created by the wonderful Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson - we also know that it's a cardinal sin, punishable by a LinkedIn shaming to anger the programming gods and misconstrue programming names..*I once pitched a candidate a 'C-Hash' role in my early days of recruitment, the call ended there. 🤦‍♂️ Anyway Go is the name, Go is the game, but for SEO purposes sometimes Go becomes Golang throughout our website, and beyond 🛸

Back to the good stuff. With so many cool tools and technologies out there how do you choose which is the right one to go with - The old guard would say it has to be a choice between the big guns, Java or C#? Javascript or Python? Mobile or Web? Swipe right or left? Decisions, decisions🤔 but it didn’t feel right and there was something else happening, like a crypto movement against fiat with the earth opening up beneath us we noticed whole engineering communities moving into new areas. 'La revolución' was heard far and wide and from the trenches of software engineering out came soldiers bearing the crests of Rust, Scala, Elm, Dart and of course Go....and you know what? We liked what we saw 👍

Now I could sit here and list allllllll of the cool reasons why we chose to specialise in Golang...and I will. First of all for those of you who have been living on Mars, with your eyes shut and ear mufflers on Go was created by a little known company named Google - they do some pretty cool stuff and have a work on a few interesting projects *subtle dry humour inserted. So we knew Go had a great foundation in the tech scene and the right people behind it. Our job involves us living and breathing the tech world, fingers on pulses and ears to ground so we pick up pretty quickly what's being talk about and more and more people were talking about Golang. It's fast, simple, robust - damn it it even helps take care of cohesive concurrency they'd say - and we were listening 😯👂 naturally we started asking questions about the new kids on the block, 'Is it all true? Is it really as hip as they're saying?' The more we asked the better we felt about it for it wasn't just engineers but managers, CTO's and entrepreneurs that were talking about this new era upon us 🌅

And so Go naviro was born, a careful decision forged out of market intelligence, research, networking and the fact you can make cool sound bytes like, Lets get Go-ing, the Go to, Up and Go and my favourite, Go, Go, Go 🚀 We are very happy to say that the journey's been great so far - we hosted the first Australian Gophercon event in Australia with guest attendee, Rob Pike 👏 (European meet-ups scheduled this year) We've helped build engineering teams in London🇬🇧 Berlin🇩🇪 Paris 🇫🇷 Amsterdam🇱🇺 and the US 🇺🇸 and very importantly, we've helped dozens of engineers into their dream roles. We'd like to say that the rest is history but it's not, the future is what awaits, so we're going to buckle the seatbelts in this DeLoreon and....⚡️🚙💨

I'd like to leave you with a reddit love letter from one of the revolutionaries, 💔

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