Posted on 16 March 2021

Ahead of event 2 of the Golang eMeetup series we caught up with Ex Spotify Engineer and Encore Founder Andre Eriksson to learn a little bit more about him.

At the event Andre will be sharing his wisdom on Golang best practices that will include highly valuable and applicable concepts from Go Engineers at all levels.

After an interactive talk on Go best practices Andre will be sharing a comprehensive overview of the newly launched high-performance Go framework that has had some exciting feedback in the community.

Here's a little background on our chat...

How did you get into Go?

I’m not entirely sure how I got into Go, I was working as a backend engineer 9 years ago who were using it but I wasn’t actively using it in that role. I started using Go 1.0 picking it up in my spare time and was blow away by how productive you could be with it!

Do you use Go at work?

Yes with Encore.

Spotify who I worked with last didn’t traditionally use Go but as I’m such a big advocate and champion for it I created an environment to make it so that we could!

Biggest achievements using Go?

Building Encore which I’ll be discussing in my talk. I won’t say too much now but it’s been 3.5 years in the making, reimagining and improving a system from the ground up entirely built around GO

Highlights of your speaking career?

Gophercon Europe workshop

What do you enjoy outside of the tech world?

I’ve recently got a new Pomeranian Chow puppy called Salvador so I’ve be enjoying having him. I was prepared for it to be a lot of work regards training but blimey it’s been even more than thought! Although very, very worth it 😊

If you had a Superpower what would it be?

This is a tricky question, but I’d go for control over time for those moments when I need a bit extra!


Register here for Andre’s talk on ‘Golang Best Practices and The Backend Framework with Superpowers’ booked in for Thursday 5th August at 12pm BST

Check out Andre’s personal pages at twitter.com/_eandreand https://encore.dev

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